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The state Board of Education on Thursday also voted 7-2 to strip Florida of the state funding that local school districts use to pay for tuition, other textbooks, board books and fees at private schools.

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The governor's office said in a statement that the decision to axe the state funding for students in traditional public schools wasn't up to Florida schools or charter schools. That includes traditional public and charter schools in other states that the governor approved, the statement said.

But some of the closures won't be permanent, said Michael Arroyo of the American Federation of Teachers Local 673 in Tallahassee.

Arroyo said that if the state decided to do away with the state funding, Florida will have to get rid of all of its public and charter schools.

The move comes despite the governor's office saying last week that the changes are not intended to eliminate public schools in Florida but to eliminate them as a whole and save money.

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